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Archiv: Relatives and friends

Announcement, Friends, 2015

60th Birthday for a guitar

Invitationcard for a guitarist 60th birthday.

Announcement, Relatives, 2015

Hannah Josephine

Birthday card for my niece  Hannah Josephine.

Announcement, Relatives, 2011

Anouk Nalani

Birthday card for my niece and goddaughter Anouk Nalani.

Announcement, Relatives, 2009

Lian Miro

Birthday card for my nephew Lian Miro. Inspired by potatoe stamps. 我外甥的生日卡设计。

Announcement, Relatives, 2008 – 2010

Course of life

A series of displays, format DIN A3. It visualizes the course of life. The wedding, the celebration, the first […]