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Archiv: 2011

Book jacket, Avenir Suisse, 2011

Der Wert der Werte

Book jacket design «Der Wert der Werte» written by Karen Horn und Gerhard Schwarz (Hrsg.) for Swiss think tank Avenir Suisse.

Book jacket, Avenir Suisse, 2011

Soziale Sicherheit sichern

Book jacket design «Soziale Sicherheit sichern» written by Lars P.  Feld and Christoph Schaltegger for Swiss think tank Avenir Suisse.

Stationery, think work TOOLS, 2011


Stationery for the consulting company think work TOOLS.

Newsletter, Avenir Suisse, 2011

avenir aktuell 04/2011

Design of the newsletter «avenir aktuell» for Swiss think tank Avenir Suisse. Each issue contains a poster with a thematic […]

Paper, Avenir Suisse, 2011

Wanderung, Wohnen und Wohlstand

Design of the discussion paper «Wanderung, Wohnen und Wohlstand» written by Patrik Schellenbauer for Swiss think tank Avenir Suisse.

Book, Avenir Suisse, 2011

Konkordanz in der Krise

Book design «Konkordanz in der Krise». Written by  Michael Hermann for Swiss think tank Avenir Suisse.

Website, Matthias Daum – journalist, 2011


Website design for Matthias Daum, Journalist.

Magazine, Zoo Zürich, 2011

Zoojournal 2011

Art direction for the magazine Zoojournal, published by Zoo Zürich.

Announcement, Relatives, 2011

Anouk Nalani

Birthday card for my niece and goddaughter Anouk Nalani.

Newspaper, Confiserie Sprüngli AG, 2011

175th anniversary

Newspaper supplement for the 175th anniversary of the world famous Confiserie Sprüngli AG.

Website, Karin Dubi Ernährungsberatung, 2011

Website Ernährungsberatung

Website design for „Ernährungsberatung, Karin Dubi“.

Logo, Karin Dubi Ernährungsberatung, 2011

Being on a diet

Logo design and stationery for Ernährungsberatung, Karin Dubi.