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Archiv: 2009

Announcement, Relatives, 2009

Lian Miro

Birthday card for my nephew Lian Miro. Inspired by potatoe stamps. 我外甥的生日卡设计。

Logo, Laend Phuengkit – fashion designer, 2009

Laend Phuengkit

Corporate identity for the Swiss fashion label «Laend Phuengkit». Inspired by the designer’s Thai origin. Laend Phuengkit 时装设计师。 企业标识。

Website, hark!, 2009

hark! website

Website design and programming for the Basel based vocal choir «hark!».The logotype was inspired by a singing mouth. 巴塞尔的合唱团网页设计,草稿和程序设计。

Website, Ventil Zürich, 2009

Ventil online

Website design for the Zurich based non-profit organization «Ventil Jugend». 苏黎世非营利组织 Ventil Jugend。 网页。 设计。

Broschure, Ventil Zürich, 2009

Ventil brochure

Brochures for Ventil Jugend — Bildung und Integration. 非营利组织 Ventil Jugend — Bildung und Integration。小册。

Logo, hark!, 2009


Logo design for the Basel based vocal choir «hark!». The logotype was inspired Western union locations by a singing mouth. […]

Annual report, Plattform Glattal, 2009

Plattform Glattal

Annual report 2007/2008 for the non-profit organization «Plattform Glattal». 苏黎世非营利组织 Plattform Glattal。年刊。设计和 草稿。

Announcement, Relatives, 2008 – 2010

Course of life

A series of displays, format DIN A3. It visualizes the course of life. The wedding, the celebration, the first […]

Website, Joontos, 2009

Meet People. Share Interests. Come together!

Website design for the social network – «juntos» means «together« in Spanish. 社会网络。 网页设计。设计。

Illustration, Independet project, 2009

Illustrated worlds

«Illustrated worlds» is an illustrated diary. «Illustrated worlds» 是一本插图的日记。