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Archiv: 2005

Book, Edition Fink and Peter Stoffel, 2005

Pampas de Sacramento

Artist’s book with 28 drawings by Swiss artist Peter Stoffel. Peter Stoffel 画家的书, 28幅画设计和草稿。

Booklet, Independent project, 2005

«A Chinese motorway bridge potpourri»

Small booklet about «A Chinese motorway bridge potpourri».上海高速公路的小册子。 设计和 草稿。

Signaletic system, School project, 2005

Shrinking glaciers

Visualization of the term «shrinking». I studied the phenomena of «shrinking glaciers» and developed a signaletic system for a hiking […]

Website, Isler Partner Rechtsanwälte, 2005

Law and order

Website design for the law firm Isler Partner. Isler Partner 律师事务所。网页。设计和 草稿。

Signaletic system, Archive 13, 2004–2005

Archives de Marseille

Development of a signaletic system for a library and archives in Marseille. 档案室和图书馆的系统(马赛)设计。

Pictogram, Peugeot Citroën, 2004–2005

Car features

Pictogram development for Peugeot Citroën. Peugot Citroën图画字发展设计和草稿。更多信息。